Curing Discontent

With coffee in hand I went to my Executive Think Tank (aka the hot tub). It’s a beautiful sunny day and I was trying to quiet my spinning thoughts with a simple mindfulness practice. I have such a hard time calming my mind. My brain has always run at mach-10 speed. Maybe everyone’s does, I but I like to think I’m special. In any case I was frustrated with my inability to settle the spastic pinball that is my brain. Then I stopped……what was I doing?! I said this prayer:

“I am so sorry! Please forgive me. I cannot believe that I am complaining about my mind operating at a million miles an hour. THANK YOU Lord that my brain can operate at a million miles an hour! Thank you, thank you!! Amen.”

There was a time when no one knew if my mind operated at all. That was followed by more than 2 years of struggling with the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury. I’ve had to relearn all the knowledge that I took for granted: cooking, sewing, using a computer….everything! And here I was frustrated at how well my mind works. Talk about a loss of perspective and gratitude. I’m embarrassed for myself.

We all lose perspective sometimes with how incredibly blessed we are. We complain about the very things that merit gratitude. We complain about gaining weight but forget to be grateful that food is so readily available. We complain about household maintenance but forget to be grateful for safe and comfortable shelter. We complain about the effects of aging but forget to be grateful for all the time we have in the world. Worst of all, we complain about the attitudes and actions of other people but forget to be grateful that we have abundant opportunities to connect.

The result of today’s Think Tank time isn’t so much a ‘Big Idea’ as it is a simple reminder: The quiet murmur beneath the roar of all discontent is a lack of perspective and gratitude. Ignore the roar and listen for the murmur.


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