Let there be dignified shopping for all!

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping…in actual stores…by myself…for 7 hours! (A questionably good decision, but we already know that I’m stubborn.) I didn’t have my wheelchair because my wrist isn’t strong enough yet. I can’t lift it in or out of the car or push it and I don’t have the right kind of adaptive equipment for any other choice. So I walked with my cane, slowly and gingerly, even though it was extremely hard and painful for my legs and back. I missed my wheelchair so much!!! 

Walking is great and useful but it’s not the goal. Whether in my chair or on my feet I fight for the goal of independence. I invite you to park that thought in the back of your head. Every tiny bit of independence matters because it’s part of how we experience dignity. Even babies insist on as much independence as they can muster. This isn’t really about disability. That’s part of it, but really I’m talking about the bigger issue dignity.  How can you respect and aid someone’s freedom of choice? What can you do today? What needs to change at work or home? Or maybe something needs to change in your own attitude. I’d love to read your thoughts and ideas. 

Incidentally, I kicked butt on the shopping!! And hubby plied me with ‘blueberry tea’ later as a reward…my choice. 😉 


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