The Secret To Managing Overwhelm

Feel overwhelmed? I truly get it. Brain injury makes me feel like the photo all the time! So I work at reducing anxiety as if it’s my job. Actually it kind of is. In fact that’s not even unique. We all feel pushed to do more with less. So what’s the secret to managing the overwhelm?

Well, remembering to breathe helps. After that it’s all about understanding that no matter how much piles up only one thing can be done at a time. Multitasking truly is a myth.

Maybe the workload is overwhelming, like climbing a big mountain, but taking just one step is always doable. The secret is to focus only on the one step and then repeat.

Back in the day I climbed a few mountains (14,410′ Mt. Rainier in WA was the biggest) and learned a thing or two about how perseverance works. These lessons have made all the difference in my life. I wasn’t really ‘a climber’ just stubborn enough to keep stepping up. It turns out that’s the secret. After training, setting goals, and getting the right gear there’s really only one thing to do. Keep. Stepping. Up.

One foot at a time is the only option on the mountain, at work or in life generally. Manage big, overwhelming, mountains of work by answering just one question – What is the next step?


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